Migration Tasks Done

From ilriwikis


  • Multi-site with automatic database detection developed and implemented
  • Automatic logo detection tool developed and implemented


  • Bulk content import tool using WikiSpaces API developed
  • Side menu import feature added
  • All ILRI wikis migrated from WikiSpaces to MediaWiki
  • Logos manually migrated. These logos were found:
    • acgg.png
    • ccsl.jpg
    • croplivestock.png
    • ilri-becahub.png
    • ilri-ocs.jpg
    • ilri-training.jpg
    • milkit.jpg
    • moremilkit.png
    • sfhoafrica.png
    • wikicavy.png


  • Access restriction set for certain wikis
  • Side menus all reviewed and some fixed manually
  • Several pages reviewed and fixed manually
  • Reran several wikis to account for missing files